10 songwriting tips for beginners

Posted on September 19, 2016 at 11:16

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Songwriting is fun and a great inspiration, but it can be hard too. Here are 10 great tips to help you out on your first steps into songwriting…

  • Brainstorm - don’t hold back and write down all ideas and thoughts you have for a great song. Then select one of those, and brainstorm further on that idea. This will give you a bunch of notes and possible lyrics for your first song!
  • Building blocks - focus on the structure of your song. For instance, a pop song often follows a common form: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc. Often variations like a bridge or a climb before each chorus is added. For inspiration, listen to your favourite songs and determine what form they’re in!
  • Storytelling - every song is a story. So while writing your song and its storyline, ask yourself the five W’s of great storytelling: Who, what, where, when, and why? Answering these questions will help you tell your song-story in a clear manner for your listeners. Put yourself in the listener’s shoes. Is it clear what the song is about, is it catchy, memorable, relatable for your audience?
  • Writer’s Block - yes, it will happen. You are stuck, you can’t think of anything. The best remedy: don’t give up. Just keep on writing down anything and everything that comes to mind. And sometimes a pause helps, or doing something completely different. Your brain relaxes and voila: a song idea pops into your head. It’s not for nothing they say showering is great for songwriting!
  • Save your work - probably the most important tip: whenever you have an idea or a tune in mind, immediately write it down or record it. If you don’t, you will most certainly forget in a couple of hours! So always keep a notebook on hand, or use the memo recording function on your phone, or record any ideas you have into Jammify.com, saving it for future reference. You’ll be thankful you did.
  • Recording equipment - you can go all the way and build your own recording equipment… if you’ve recently won the lottery! Or you can be a bit more practical. Get a decent USB Studio microphone, a laptop computer and open an account on Jammify.com. Here is your full-fledged recording studio, with all the tools you need - matching its expensive counterparts.
  • Try something new - use another instrument for a change, even if you’re not as proficient on it. Say a piano instead of a guitar. The change of sound and workflow might trigger new creative juices! And when the song’s written, you can always find a great musician who does play that instrument beautifully on Jammify, to complete the recording of your song.
  • Keep an open mind - listen to music genres you ordinarily don’t like, like classical music instead of only pop. Great for some inspiration, or perhaps you’ll even start to appreciate other genres and use them in your songwriting.
  • Go outside - don’t stay in your stuffy attic trying to write that song. Go outside, in the sunshine, walk down busy streets, observe life in all its splendour. Get a fresh take on your surroundings and we’re sure you’ll find great songwriting inspiration.
  • Collaboration - doing everything by yourself is so… lonely. Find like-minded musicians and collaborate on your songs. Use other people’s musical ideas, riffs, and talents! Not only is this more fun (always a plus for good songwriting), but in the long term the quality and success of your music-writing will improve. Luckily, collaboration is built into the DNA of Jammify.com, even with musicians from the other side of the world whom you’ve never met in real life. How’s that for musical inspiration!

Good luck with your songwriting and we’re eager to hear the results on Jammify. So do share your work! That’s tip 11 ;-)

Making music is fun, but due to the extra tasks you may encounter as a musician, it can become a cumbersome business. Think about maintaining your social media pages, arranging bookings, learning about the latest in audio software, the list goes on and on. I think that music making should be about just that and without many of the distractions that keeps us from doing what we like best. I have decided to do something that will make a musician's life so much easier. I have built this platform! Kind regards, Chris



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