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Posted on August 09, 2016 at 12:29

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Yes, I am maybe one of the first musicians who discovered Jammify as being the future of modern music making. And yes, I am extremely enthusiastic about this new platform. So no, do not expect a very critical blog here, as I’m convinced that Jammify could and should change the way of creating and reproducing music.

Being a drummer, I’ve learnt that there’s no possible way of making music without getting together with other instrumentalists in some sort of rehearsal studio setting. Of course, you can use Garage Band, Cubase or Logic Pro at home, but it doesn’t even remotely equals the feeling that you get while playing live with a bunch of creative musicians together in the same room. However, Jammify do gives me that same live feeling at home, due to the fact that I am in direct contact with my fellow musicians the whole time. The chat function, which makes this platform so unique, enables me to react and anticipate immediately to everything that happens in a particular recording session.

As I go along, I almost forget that I’m in the attic of my own home. Consequently, as a Jammify-user, I don’t have to drag myself (together with different parts of my drum kit) to a rehearsal studio, usually situated out of town, and I don’t have to wait for the arrival of the other musicians, who have to suffer the same ordeal to get to the rehearsal studio as I do. I just plug in my digital drum kit (I’m using the Roland T-40 V-drums) into my computer (an old MacBook Pro), sign into my Jammify-account, create a new session and play every drum pattern that’s in my head at that moment. Or the guitarist has already come up with a riff or idea of a song that I can immediately work with on the platform. If you’re in the possession of a good microphone you can add every instrument you like or do numerous overdubs – the number of tracks are endless – you can edit your music, do some cutting and pasting, and before you know it you have created a high quality recording of your own song.

In this way my band more than once recorded a high quality demo track. I mean, who needs a costly recording studio when you have Jammify…?

So yes, as a musician who likes to record at home with the feeling of a real time rehearsal studio, I’m really satisfied with the unique possibilities Jammify has to offer. I would therefore recommend this platform to every musician – amateur and professional – or even as a utility for teaching purposes. In fact, as a self pronounced ambassador of Jammify, I will explain how beautifully Jammify works on a weekly basis. In next week’s blog I will let you know how I put track on track and created songs all by myself, something I – as a drummer – could only dream of in the past.

Marcel Lee, drummer and frequent user of Jammify.

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