3RDegree to a next level

Posted on August 07, 2016 at 11:43

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3RDegree is an American six piece-band that started as early as 1993. During this period the group produced five albums, ‘Ones & Zeros: Vol 1’, released in Europe on August 18th, being the most recent one. And quite an impressive record it is. George Dobbs (keyboards, vocals), Robert James Pashman (bass, keyboards, background vocals), Pat Kliesch (guitar, background vocals), Aaron Nobel (drums, percussion), Bryan Zeigler (guitar, backing vocals) and Eric Pseja (guitar, background vocals) know exactly what they are good at; creating accessible, melodic songs and perform them flawlessly.

3RDegree operate on the edge of pop, prog and fusion-like rock, with influences ranging from Supertramp, Yes, Genesis, IQ and more recent progressive rock-acts like Spock’s Beard, Neal Morse, Beardfish and Glass Hammer. With ‘Ones & Zeros: Vol 1’ the band continues on the path they set out for themselves on predecessor ‘The Long Devision’ (2012) and takes it to a next level. Clever songs like ‘The Gravity’ and ‘Circuit Court’ prove that the fresh and original formula of 3RDegree hasn’t lost any of its strength.

These guys from L.A./New Jersey sound very much American, with the sophisticated musical craftsmanship of Toto and the like, but they give their songs a wonderful British edge with their It Bites/Gentle Giant-like vocal harmonies. And talking about vocals: all tracks are sung not by one but five excellent singers. Quite a luxury to have so many vocal talents within one band. ‘Ones & Zeros: Vol 1’ is a real listening pleasure for progheads who can also appreciate high quality pop music. Check the album on 3rdegreeonline.com. And when you really like this album then there is more good news.

September 2015 they’re in Europe to do a short promotional tour. They will play a couple of gigs in the UK, Germany and France… and they will be in Holland! September 20th you’ll be able to check 3RDegree out yourselves when the band plays live on the cosy stage of ‘t Blok in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel. It was a great experiance!



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